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your success is our success

‘We measure our success to the satisfaction and success stories of our clients. Therefore we are outmost motivated to bring you the highest successes’

Our capabilities are driven by a unique formula that distinguishes Asbaran Business from our conventional colleagues regarding the success factor of the developed strategy. Unlike regular bureaus, the quality of the work delivered does not depend on the skills and knowledge of the permanent staff. Instead, the Asbaran Experts Database ( read more about AED ) gives Asbaran Business the unique ability to select the best-qualified specialists for your business to work on your strategy. This way a team of highly qualified experts is formed which results in a higher success factor of the developed strategy.

The bonus factor of working with us is your access to the Asbaran Business Network ( read more about ABN ). This ever-growing network of companies, manufacturers, businessmen and women, freelancers and experts expands across the world. The diversity of sectors and expertise makes ABN a priceless gem of business which provides endless business opportunities and solutions to almost all of your business needs. surely Asbaran can add some extras to your business.

Enter the market with a strategy which will shock your  competitors
You're doing good, very good in fact.
It is time to take over the world!
Lets get those sales numbers up!


A strategy is a long-term plan that you create for your company to reach the desired, future state you envision. A strategy includes your company's goals and objectives, the type of products/services that you plan to build, the customers who you want to sell to and the markets that you serve to make profits.

Asbaran provides you a full service strategy by  analyzing your present business situation and performance to facilitate for you appropriate short and long term business strategies and to develop workable business plan that would help you achieve the desired leadership position in the market, gain sharp competitive advantage and world class status. We shall assist you in defining your strategic targets, business performance indicators, and designing and establishing the framework for monitoring and measuring key performance attributes.


The process to tailor the right strategy or partnership for a new venture will always be more efficient with a knowledgeable and experienced local facilitator. Asbaran Business will strengthen your position, evaluate the available options and best possibilities to reach your targets. We will help you to reform your plans and develop more valuable business plans for your expansion in new regions before any investment decision. The knowledge of our resources shared with our clients puts them on a leading position in the market against other competitors. Starting with data and information ending with establishment of your subsidiaries, we go through very comprehensive advisory services according to the scope that our client require. It can cover the screening and selection of strategic partners, securing the introduction phase of potential strategic relations; ensuring the right selection of location and incubation platforms such as free zones and special economic platforms.

Asbaran Business also serves local clients in the region with management and advisory services to source technologies and the know how transfers in various fields. Our service will widen the options and prospects of the client before commitments in an early planning stage. The service can start with very basic introduction scope to full fledged business development engagement that covers the evaluation stage and negotiations.

The Asbaran Business Network with professionals in different fields give Asbaran Business all the credentials to develop and manage Expansion Strategy from concept to turnkey realization. The strong experience and knowledge of the managing partners enable us to manage all phases of the development from evaluation, planning, enabling, procurement, project management and delivery.


The core of your business is dependent upon the successful design, development and implementation of your go-to-market strategy. A holistic and integrated go to market plan is a cohesive framework that will guide marketing execution, marketing processes and marketing tactics that positively impact your business goals. 

It is not a secret that Marketing and Sales go hand in hand. Therefore the strategy developed by Asbaran Business includes both aspects to ensure the effectiveness of the strategy in order to achieve the main goals of your company.


The first and most critical step in developing a marketing system is to focus on marketing strategy.  We focus on the all important strategy elements of your business.  These include:

  • Creating the Vision

  • Discover Your Ideal Client

  • Your Unique Core Difference

  • Brand and Identity Building

What does your business look like in 6 months, 1 year, 3 years? Create a vision for your company.

The Second step is identify the best tools for your business necessary to achieve your desired goals. Asbaran Business focuses on finding the core difference of your business and using it to provide differentiation in your industry.  Using a combination of Strategy coupled with developing a Marketing System, we are able to provide a repeatable, managed, and measurable marketing system increase high quality leads for your business.

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